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Over the years I've worked in many formats and with several cameras such as the Panasonic AGHMC-150, Sony Z5U, GoPro HD Hero (1&2), Panasonic AGDVX-100a and my latest addition the Panasonic Lumix GH2 DSLR (Mmm, lenses!).

In every project I strive to capture the best picture and audio while actively problem-solving and adjusting to environmental and technical limitations. I have a broad spectrum of shooting experience ranging from corporate interviews in downtown skyscrapers to outdoor weddings, music videos and theater performances. I really enjoy capturing life in the 21st century, and I'm always looking for interesting things to shoot.

"Mr. Brown"

Created for the Vimeo Weekend Project around Halloween 2012, the challenge was to make a spooky short film under one minute in length. I shot this run-and-gun with a one man crew, creating the concept and then acting, framing the shots and editing within a 48 hour period. Very challenging but a very rewarding exercise.

"City of Night 2012"

I wrote,shot,edited and made closing credits for this 7-minute short which documented a one-of-a-kind art/music/live-performance event that took place during the fall of 2012. Sponsored by Emerging Leaders in the Arts - Buffalo and organized by local Professional Historical Researcher, Dana Saylor-Furman, this event was a real pleasure to be part of.

"World's Greatest Ghosts"

This is one a several videos I worked on with The Penny Jam crew while living in Portland, OR from 2007-2009. I am a huge music lover and had a great time creating high-quality, unique music performance videos with the crew. Shot on Panasonic DVX100a, just prior to HD video really taking off on the web.

"Freedom Cries - Rough"

This is one of two rough cuts for Buffalo singer/songwriter Andrew Robert Mitchell's 2012 track "Freedom Cries". We shot at 1080/30p and then conformed to 24p to get a very subtle slowmotion effect. Andy and I had lots of fun exploring the wonderful locations around Buffalo and Lake Ontario.

"Omey Open House"

This 2-minute promo was created for Portland, OR architect Corey Omey and his wife Deb, who de-constructed and re-modeled Deb's single story house into a 2-level ultra-green house complete with eco-roof and 90% reclaimed/recycled bill of materials.

"James Northrup Interview"

I shot and edited this interview in conjunction with Sustainable Otsego, a non-profit group advocating sustainable practices in Otsego County, NY. Minimal setup utilizing natural light and boomed shotgun mic overhead.

"Mirah - Generosity"

Scott Carver, Sean Whiteman and I filmed this Portland Cello Project Christmas concert at the Aladdin Theater in winter of 2009. We used 3 Panasonic DVX-100's and I operated the wide shot on a fluid head tripod with audio feed from the house mixing board. (Thanks Aladdin sound guy!) This is one of many edits I cut from the 6+ hours of multicam clips.